'Congratulations' Enamel Box - Personalised

Proudly Handmade in England


This item is made to order and will take 2-3 weeks to deliver.


Celebrate their academic achievement with our beautifully handcrafted keepsake. This unique piece is designed to honor the hard work and dedication it took to complete a degree, certificate, diploma, or qualification.

Congratulate someone special on their graduation with this thoughtful memento. Crafted with care, it's a timeless symbol of their accomplishment and the exciting journey ahead. Perfect for displaying proudly or cherishing as a lasting memory.


Width 65 mm
Length 45 mm
Height 22 mm

'Congratulations' Enamel Box - Personalised



When you order a personalised enamel box, you are not only receiving a gift; you are receiving something tailored specifically for the recipient, showing that you have put in extra effort to create a meaningful keepsake. This attention to detail will make the gift more cherished and memorable, as it reflects the recipient's individuality and your thoughtfulness in choosing something that resonates with them.

For our artisans who create these personalised items, it's a labor of love to bring your vision to life and craft something that will be treasured for years to come.


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