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Halcyon Days has collaborated with like-minded charities, historical estates, and revered designers to create timeless collections that showcase and champion British craftsmanship. All of our partnerships have a story to tell, inspiring designs that resonate and pieces that last a lifetime.


The collections created with Tug Rice merge the New York based actor and artist’s inimitable, eminently charming illustrative style with Halcyon Days’ mastery of age-old craft techniques. Each character Rice depicts projects personality and intrigue. As Tug explains “when I set out to create an illustration, a story inevitably forms”. Read our full interview with him here.

The enamels, fine bone china, and accessories in these collections feel fresh and exciting while simultaneously evoking warmth and nostalgia.


The Marguerite and Serengeti collections have been created in collaboration with pre-eminent designer Nina Campbell. Launched in 2021, as Nina’s company celebrated its 50th anniversary, these collections are inspired by her love of nature, travel and adventure.

These handmade fine bone china pieces represent a coming together of the very best of British reflecting quality design, sustainable craft, authenticity, and luxury. As Nina says “there is something completely different about English fine bone china, and that is to be celebrated”. Read our full interview with Nina here.



Halcyon Days’ Antler Trellis collection is inspired by a spectacular domed ceiling that was once lined with stag antlers at Scotland’s Gordon Castle. The castle, which is also known for its award-winning eight-acre walled garden, is a beacon of Scottish heritage and history having welcomed an esteemed cast of characters through its doors. One such guest, Scotland’s famed National Bard Robert Burns, wrote the poem ‘Castle Gordon’ in 1787 by way of thanking his hosts.

The Antler Trellis collection consists of handcrafted fine bone china available in ivory, black and midnight and is an exceptional example of timeless British craftsmanship.


This enchanting English fine bone china teaware collection is inspired by the much-loved former holiday home of Her Majesty The Queen Mother in Caithness, Scotland. It depicts some of her favourite flowers which still grow within the castle’s walled garden.

Bought and restored by The Queen Mother in 1952, the castle, which is now open to the public, the Castle of Mey continues to be cherished for its secluded charm and magical setting. A portion of all sales goes towards maintaining the castle and its gardens in the Scottish Highlands.


The Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace has a rich Royal history dating back to the sixteenth century. The coffered ceiling attributed to Hans Holbein, the Sanctuary Window designed by John Napper, and the iconic scarlet and gold livery worn by the chapel’s choristers for centuries have inspired the designs of our three collections released so far. Their intricate designs require the most accomplished artisans to employ ancient processes in creating enamels, fine bone china, and silk scarves.

Our collaboration began in 2019 and a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes towards safeguarding the Chapel’s musical projects and charitable works.


The Wildflower Meadow Collection stems from the collaboration between Halcyon Days and Highgrove Gardens, which is managed by The Prince’s Foundation and from where the revenue is invested in the charity’s education and training programmes. Both share a commitment to intertwining the best of the past and the present, thus creating timeless products.

The collection is comprised of English fine bone china, tea, and dinnerware, silk accessories and an enamel box. In 2012, the Wildflower Meadow was named as the first of 60 Coronation Meadows, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation. 

"It's an honour for our business to collaborate with like-minded charities and historical estates from around the world to form inspired handcrafted gifts, designed to last a lifetime."

Pamela Harper, Chairman & CEO, Halcyon Days


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