A unique gift to cherish special moments

Blank Canvas blends your unique vision with our enamelling expertise to create personalised enamel boxes that are not just admired, but cherished as lasting mementos for years to come.

Created by you, Crafted by us, Cherished by them - The Perfect Gift.

Discover The Collection

Your Canvas, Our Craftsmanship

Personalise your Blank Canvas box with a heartfelt message, significant date, or special quote to transform milestones and memories into masterpieces.

Handcrafted Quality

Made in England using the time-honoured art of enamelling, each box is a testament to high craftsmanship and quality objets d'art.

A Gift For A Unique Moment

The personal touch of each Blank Canvas box creates a cherished memento, perfect for commemorating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones.


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