How to Use your Enamel Boxes : Deriving Practical Pleasure from an Ancient Art Form

How to Use your Enamel Boxes : Deriving Practical Pleasure from an Ancient Art Form

Each enamel box so lovingly handcrafted by our artisans is, in its way, a portal to the past. The meticulous techniques used in our workshops today mirror those first employed in England as far back as the 18th century. It’s true that society’s snuff habits, for which enamels were often originally used, have long since vanished and our boxes are now classified as objets d’art. Nonetheless, their purpose is not purely decorative. In this week’s instalment of Chronicles from the Kiln, we’re considering five of our favourite ways to put your enamels to use ensuring you get both visual and practical pleasure from this most unique of art forms.

1. For Jewellery

Whether it’s a home for evasive earrings, cufflinks that always split up, or a place to keep your rainbow-like array of Salamander Torques, an enamel box is a piece befittingly luxurious of your jewellery collection. Dare we say, an enamel might also make a ring box well- suited to those who soon intend to find themselves on bended knee. Who could possibly say no to such a unique, beautiful gesture?

Stylishly stow away cufflinks, bangles, earrings, and more
2. For sweets and mints

Whether you have a particular penchant for smarties, skittles or snickers, choose an enamel box to dispense your delicacies. As well as serving the sweet-toothed, these boxes can be filled with mints and slipped into a pocket so that you can freshen up when you’re out and about of an evening.

            Our Blank Canvas boxes can be inscribed with meaningful messages 

3. For Pills

Forget plastic packets and boxes. Slip an enamel box into your top pocket and house your medication in stylish security. Mundanity never felt so chic. Phone, wallet, keys, enamel box: check.

Make an enamel box part of your everyday ensemble

4. For precious keepsakes

 From baby teeth (there's a message box for this one) to post-it note professions of love, fill our enamel boxes with fragments that signify something special. If you’ve collected letters from school days, ancient ancestors, or young romances, our larger prestige enamel boxes constitute a stunning container.

Safely treasure correspondence and cherished trinkets 

5. For your four-pawed friends

Needless to say, your cats and dogs deserve the best. Keep their treats in an elegant enamel box, and they’re sure to know they’ve done something special to deserve one. For a tail-wag worthy flourish, opt for a bespoke box like the owner of Lady Penelope here.

Treat your faithful friends and yourself alike

So, you don’t just have to keep your enamels as shelf-dwelling decorations. Incorporate them into life’s routines and let them bring beauty to the everyday.

We love hearing of the manyfold creative capacities our customers use their boxes in, so be in touch with us on over our Instagram page @halcyondays_uk, and let us know how you use yours.

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