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Available in two distinctive styles, the 100% genuine leather watch and the enamel bangle watch, these luxury timepieces are designed to complement our exquisite jewellery ranges

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All Watches

All Watches

Featuring leather and bangle watches finished with enamel detailing, the Halcyon Time collection is designed to be worn with our enamel bangles for the perfect stylish combination.

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Bangle Watches

Bangle Watches

Inspired by our signature patterns, our bangle watches are generously plated in 18ct gold, rose gold or palladium.

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Leather Strap Watches

Leather Strap Watches

A beautiful and contemporary addition to your watch collection, our 100% leather strap watches are both chic and simple. Pair with our exquisite enamel bangles for a statement style combination.

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Watch & Bangle Sets

Watch & Bangle Sets

Shop the new Watch & Bangle sets. Featuring either 100% leather or enamel bangle straps watches, we have carefully paired these pieces with a matching enamel bangle to create the perfect gift set.

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