HRH The Duke of Edinburgh A Life of Distinguished Service by Richard Stone Box


This refined, round enamel box commemorates a life lived to exemplarily high standards. Richard Stone's iconic portrait of the late Duke of Edinburgh is surrounded by a hand-painted blue and gold patterned design. A handmade piece that constitutes a fittingly exceptional, celebratory tribute.

Limited to an edition of 100. Each box will come with its unique number.

Interior inscription reads:

In commemoration of a life of distinguished service to the nation, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh is depicted wearing the uniform of the Marshal of the Royal Air Force - the highest rank in the Royal Air Force, known as a five star rank. The Duke is also wearing the riband and star of the Most Noble Order of the Garter which he was given in 1947 by King George VI and wore at his wedding to HRH Princess Elizabeth. The Duke's uniform is festooned with medals including all the campaign stars of WWII. Prince Philip was a very keen aviator and had learned to fly himself and earned his wings with the Royal Air Force. Around his neck from a garter blue and bath red ribbon is the cross of the Order of Merit. Her Majesty The Queen made the Duke a member of the Order of Merit, founded to reward exceptionally meritorious service to Crown & Country.

Size: D:82mm H:20mm

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