The 75th Anniversary of VJ Day Box



A handcrafted enamel box commemorating the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day, the day on which the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender took place, on the deck of USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on 2nd September, 1945.

This momentous event marked the official end of the Second World War. It was a joyous day, as demonstrated in the design of this piece, which shows members of the public celebrating in the streets, with the US and UK flags in full colour, and of course the smiling portraits of President Harry S Truman and Sir Winston Churchill.

Presented within a branded, cushioned box, this is the perfect commemorative gift to capture an historic moment in the two nation’s histories.

Limited to an edition of 75.

Once ordered we will create this piece just for you, please allow 5 weeks for delivery.

Size: L: 138mm W: 117mm H: 37mm 

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