Sir Robert Walpole Commemorative Box


Featuring a hand-painted Azure blue base with gold mica framing and trellis patterned background, our limited edition tribute to Britain's first de facto prime minister is a refined, resplendent piece.

The most successful enamel painter of his era and famed for his miniature portraits of members of royalty and high society, Christian Friedrich Zincke's spellbinding portrayal of Sir Robert Walpole has been gloriously reproduced on this handcrafted enamel box. The work showcases Zincke's trademark 'stipple' technique where the artist painted tiny, red, measle-like dots to bring lifelike skin tone to the figures he depicted. 

Leader of the Whig party and highly revered as a prime minister, Walpole paved the way in establishing a successful working relationship between the Crown and Parliament. To honour 300 years since he took office, we've employed traditional techniques, unchanged since Walpole's time, to create a box that, like its subject's legacy, will live on for years to come.

Limited to an edition of 25.

Each box comes with a unique number and a certificate of authenticity.

Inner lid inscription reads:

In commemoration of the 300 years since Sir Robert Walpole became Britain’s first de Facto Prime Minister in April 1721. 

Enamel miniature portraiture artist, Christian Friedrich Zincke depicts Sir Robert wearing Treasury robes with the ribbon and star of the Order of the Garter. 

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